Terms & Conditions

Account Registration

Any private person can register an account to the online store. Upon registering an account, the user undertakes to provide truth and accurate personal information. This information is stored in the customer register maintained by Forest of Lapland (later the Company) and in a manner described in the personal data description. The User must keep their information updated. The products purchased via the account must not be used for resale purposes.

Business Customers

Resellers order their products via the online store using separate Reseller Identifiers. Reseller Identifier-related matters are agreed upon in a separate Reseller Agreement.

Contractual Customers

The Company may enter into a Contractual Customer Relationship with any customers they want. The details of this relationship are agreed upon separately with the customer.


All online store prices include the 24% VAT. Products are sold at the price upon the day of purchase. Prices do not include delivery costs.


Products can be paid via varied selected online banking systems, by Visa or MasterCard

Payment service provider

Paytrail Oyj (2122839-7) acts as an implementer of the payment handling service and as a Payment Service Provider. Paytrail Oyj will be shown as the recipient in the invoice and Paytrail Oyj will forward the payment to the merchant.
Paytrail Oyj is an authorized Payment Institution. For reclamations, please contact the website you made your payment to.

Paytrail Oyj, business ID 2122839-7
Innova 2
Lutakonaukio 7
40100 Jyväskylä
Phone: +358 207 181830

Paytrail Oyj (FI2122839) provides netbank related payment transfer services in co-operation with Finnish banks and credit institutions. For consumer the service works exactly the same way as traditional web payments.


A product may be returned provided it remains in its original and unopened packaging, within 14 days upon the arrival of the product. The return process begins with filling out the return form found on the customer service section of the online store. Further information can be requested at store@forestoflapland.com.

Discount Codes

The company has the possibility to issue various kinds of Discount Codes for the online store during promotional campaigns. Only one Discount Code may be used at a time. Discount Codes addressed personally are intended only for the person concerned, and may not be transferred.


The company will not disclose user information. Users can choose to subscribe to the newsletter, which is sent on a monthly basis. The online store uses Google Analytics to develop its services and for carrying out internal statistics.

Service Availability

The Company strives to ensure that the online store is always open. Maintenance or an unplanned event may cause the online store to close temporarily. In this case, the Company does not reimburse the possible inconvenience caused.


Should any evidence of abuse suspected, the Company can choose to cancel an order, delete an account, cancel a discount code and/or terminate the contractual relationship with Business or Contractual Customers.  The Company consider an abuse to be any activities deemed in violation of laws, contracts or conditions of use.